The Inheritance Offensive

This morning’s offense comes to us from Market Watch. A reader asks for advice on how to best dole out their excess dough without offending undeserving family members. Ha! As if. The title alone says it all:

‘We will not outlive our money’: How can we give $10,000 to our nieces and nephews without offending the rest of the family?

I didn’t bother reading any further because the honest truth is, you can’t. If you die and there’s money left over, you will offend someone. It’s part of life.

Or death.

Or whatever.

You can, however, spend it all now, or leave it all to charity. Or better yet, give it to me and that will offend them all equally. Which will serve them right and will insure this blog keeps going.

Are you a rich uncle? What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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