The Karen Halloween Offensive

Our latest offense comes to us from the New York Post. We all know that Karens are easily offended, because the name Karen is literally synonymous with the word “offended” but who would have thought an entire town of them exists in Washington state?!

A Washington town was forced to dismantle a Karen-themed Halloween display after — wait for it — residents complained that it was offensive.

A photo of the troll-y decoration is currently blowing up on Reddit as posters rip critics for their perceived lack of self-awareness.

The inflammatory display, which was erected by the City Hall of Prosser as part of a local decorating contest, entailed a mannequin dressed as a Karen. The now-viral term is shorthand for an entitled white woman who complains to authorities over a minor offense, such as children operating a lemonade stand without a permit.

As such, the schoolmarm-y straw-ppelganger boasted googly-eyes, a name tag scrawled with “Karen” and a T-shirt emblazoned with the words “Can I Speak to the Manager?”

Needless to say, offended residents did indeed speak to the manager.

The Karen scarecrow in all its schoolmarm-y glory.
The Karen scarecrow in all its schoolmarm-y glory.

Lifelong Prosser resident Maricela Sanchez, who helps lead the community group Friends of Prosser, claimed that the dummy was erected to ridicule her over her group’s opposition to an upcoming $16.8 million bond package to replace Prosser City Hall and Police Station, the Yakima Herald reported.

“This past weekend, City Hall entered an annual Halloween decorating contest with a ghoulish scarecrow dressed up to look like me,” Sanchez complained in a statement. “Several people who understood the context behind the display immediately complained to the city.”

Now in all fairness, I’m not sure what the town expected. After all, as the story points out, it’s not the first time a Halloween Karen display has sparked outrage. Also, as one Redditor put it: “Karens acted like Karens over a Karen display? No way!”

I mean, duh.

Are you a Karen? What do you think of this story? Let me know in the comments!

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