The Tattooed Grandad Offensive

Tonight’s offensive comes to us from The Daily Herald. A reader writes in to ask for advice on how to handle a rather delicate family issue.

Dear Queenie,

My father wants to have my children’s names tattooed on his arms. I don’t really like tattoos and I certainly don’t want to have my children’s names on display for everyone to see, but even if I say anything I don’t think he will listen to me.
Queenie, is there any way I can stop him from doing this?—Offended offspring

You’ll have to click the link above to find out Queenie’s answer, but I think I have a better solution. Let your dad get your kid’s names tattooed on him, wait for the ink to dry, and then promptly go get their names legally changed. Then he’ll be the one who’s offended and you can get on with your life.

Problem solved!

Are you a tattoo hater? Let me know what you think!

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