The Help Wanted Offensive

Today’s first story comes to us from KSFA in Texas. Apparently, offensive help wanted signs get results. They also bring out the perpetually offended among us.

We all know it is really hard to find employees these days. Restaurants all around Shreveport have signs up looking for workers. You will even see signs asking you to “be patient, we are short-staffed.”

But this sign in Texas trying to recruit workers has lots of folks talking. KHOU TV says people are doing a double take when they pass by Pets Gone Wild Resort in Pasadena, Texas not too far from Houston.

Some people like the sign, but others are offended.

The sign says “Now hiring non-stupid people.”

Here’s a picture of the offending sign, in case you are too stupid to click over and see it for yourself:

I’m sorry, that was probably a bit offensive of me. I take it back. Unless, of course, it applies to you.

Are you too stupid to hire? Let me know in the comments!

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