The Tombstone Offensive

Our next story comes to us from one of the most offensive “news” sources on the web, The Daily Mail.

An Iowa family has caused a serious controversy after hiding a rude phrase on their late father’s gravestone – sparking outrage among cemetery staff who insist the cheeky message is offensive and has no place ‘where loved ones are laid to rest’. 

After Steven Owens passed away on September 2, 2021, at the age of 59, his family banded together to come up with an idea to forever immortalize his wicked sense of humor and straight-talking personality. 

So, they came up with a way of hiding Owens’ favorite ‘term of endearment’ on his gravestone – creating a sweet tribute to the late father-of-two, which also featured the phrase, ‘F**k off’. 

At first glance, the gravestone at Warren-Powers Cemetery in Polk County reads much like many of the other sentimental tributes inscribed on the monuments around it: ‘Forever in our hearts; Until we meet again; Cherished memories; Known as; Our son, brother; Father, papa, uncle; Friend & cousin.’

While this tombstone may or may not be offensive, it certainly isn’t original. Back in 1995, a man named John was buried in Montreal’s Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery and had a similar tombstone erected by his wife and his mistress:

Regardless, these are both hilarious and should be allowed to stay, even if they offend someone for years to come. Which is the whole point, I think.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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