The Aging Millennial Offensive

I submit for your viewing pleasure yet another British Halloween offensive, which thankfully wasn’t lifted from the pages of Reddit. Instead, it comes to us from the Mirror (who lifted it from TikTok).

The headline says it all: Woman mortified after 90s Nokia accessory included in Halloween costume set

Here’s an excerpt:

Not many of us are ready to accept that these are now Halloween costumes though, and one woman was left mortified when she went into a fancy dress shop to get a costume and was faced with a tonne of items from her younger years – including a fake yellow Nokia phone in a set with butterfly clips.

Over the video, Chrissy Allen aka @csapunch, had written she’d gone to a fancy dress shop and she said she ‘couldn’t believe what she saw’.

The TikTok video then showed a ‘2000’s kit’ which included earrings, hat, necklace, and sunglasses – the hat was in a baker boy style, and the cat-eye sunglasses were typically early noughties.

Then, there was a 90’s style windbreaker, a black slip dress, a fake Nokia phone set, a portable cassette player, bucket hats, a circle-style belt, a butterfly necklace, a Blockbuster uniform (we miss this), a golf-style sweater vest, a gold shiny cropped jacket with bamboo style earrings – all of which are quintessentially 90’s and noughties.

Mobile phone set with butterfly clips and sunglasses

One of the accessory sets included a Nokia phone, which many will remember… (Image:

90s windbreaker

…and you’ll probably remember these windbreakers too! (Image:

At the end of the video, she looked horrified by the things she’d seen in the shop, as these things are part of her youth – and they’re now being used as Halloween costumes.

Others were shocked at the Halloween costume choices, with one writing: “I can finally say I’m actually offended by something. Who do we sue for the emotional damages”, followed by a crying with laughter face.

I’ll stop there for a bit of commentary. First, a truly offended person would never use the 😂 emoji. They would use this one: 😯. Or maybe this: 😣. Or even this: 😒. But definitely not this: 😂.

So we know this is another non-news story.

Also, what did millennials expect? To never age? I mean physically, of course. Obviously most of them have zero hope of ever aging emotionally, given that they are all over TikTok using improper emojis to vent their rage. 🙄

Sorry, snowflakes, you are getting old. Or, as Rammstein so eloquently puts it, du bist alt.

Don’t be offended, it happens to the best of us. 😂

What do you think? Are you a millennial who is in denial? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “The Aging Millennial Offensive

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  2. Denial? Probably. But I’ll tell you where I am offended. I was one of those jackasses who wanted to join the trenchcoat mafia in high-school, edgy, blah blah blah. Loved Rammstein. Learned a good amount of German to understand the lyrics. One of the most confusing disappointments in my young adult life. Was expecting deep brutality, got gay shit. Specifically asked for the opposite.

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