The Bitter Old Boomer Offensive

Sorry for all the posts lately (not really), but this one really takes the cake. It comes to us from TheHRDirector and while it hasn’t been pilfered from Reddit or TikTok, it seems to have been stolen straight from the manual on ‘how to write an offensive post’.

Not for the reasons you may think, either, although the title is definitely one for the textbooks.

(not actual image of author but probably a close match)

Are GenZ a bunch of snowflakes?

It only goes downhill from there:

Is the younger generation too sensitive, too easily offended and lacking the inner toughness required to deal with the challenges and inevitable setbacks of every day work? When I read this I immediately thought of the Monty Python sketch “ You were lucky” in which a group of old men sit round complaining that the youth of today have it easy compared to them as each tries to out do the other with increasingly ridiculous claims of extreme hardship.

Let’s stop there. The Monty Python reference definitely puts him square into the boomer/GenXer crowd. He gave himself away by not using a millennial Spongebob reference.

Further down, he continues:

Yes I have commented on people being too easily offended and too sensitive compared with my generations experience of work. But then I remember managers who were offensive and insensitive, where management bullying was just something you had to put up with, a work environment where as a manager to admit feeling anxious or stressed would be seen as a weakness and rule you out of any further promotion.

Yawn. Blah, blah, blah.

As if we haven’t read a million articles like this before. Yet it wasn’t what he said, but how he said it. Or rather how he typed it. Or rather, how he fonted it.

Each section of the article uses a different font style and a different font size. Yes, you read that right. Don’t believe me? Click over and see for yourself. The first paragraph is in all caps (aka yelling at us) and the last paragraph is so tiny you need a freaking magnifying glass to read it.

Who the hell does this?!

A boomer, obviously. A very old, angry, bitter boomer who should retire and give his job to an undeserving and easily offended Gen Z snowflake. One who can barely string two emojis together without having a nervous breakdown.

What do you think? Was this boomer trying to offend us all on purpose? Did it work? Let me know in the comments!

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