The Frightmare Offensive

Our next story comes to us out of jolly old England via LBC. Apparently the British are still easily offended over things like telling them to fix their crooked teeth and murdered baby Halloween displays.

The organisers of a Halloween festival have been forced to say sorry and take down a creepy shopfront display of dead dolls, after local people got offended because they thought it was too realistic.

Frightmare, which has been running the festival for twenty years, had to take the display of dolls down because people in Gloucester thought they were showing “murdered” babies.

Local people stuck a note to the organisers on the display window, leading with the questions “Murdered babies? Dead dolls?”

They added that they did not want their children to see the “unsuitable” window display, which also included a ‘bloodied’ meat cleaver.

The residents said: “Please remove as it is not appropriate for all passing by to see. Thank you.

“Concerned local parents and residents.”

Frightmare later apologised in a note written above the notice: ‘Dear concerned locals and residents,

“We would like to clarify that no babies (or dolls) were harmed in the making of this window display.

“However, we apologise for any distress caused and have removed the doll parts as requested.

“Happy Halloween.”

The display is made up of dolls lying in pages torn from books, spattered in fake blood. Some of the dolls look like they are burned. The meat cleaver is lying among them.

Some people at the Frightmare festival in a previous year
Some people at the Frightmare festival in a previous year. Picture: Frightmare

Georgia Wilson, the Frightmare staff member who created the display, said it was never her intention to offend.

She told the Mail Online: “It was my first time doing the window I was quite excited. We had four and I did two of them.’It was actually the other [display] I was more worried about.

“It was a hellscape and I put a cross with nails in it so I was like ‘I wonder if that will be touchy?’ 

You’ll have to read this using a British accent to get the full effect, and you’ll have to click the link above to the full story to see the baby butcher shop in all its glory. Fair warning, though: it’s pretty lame.

We here in America are MUCH better at creating offensive Halloween displays, but that’s not the point of this story. The point is, they capitulated to the demands of the easily offended and took the display down.

If it were me, and I wish it was, I’d have replaced it with something equally offensive, like a display of butchered kittens.

Black ones, of course.

It IS Halloween, after all!💀

What do you think? Should they have removed the butchered baby shop and replaced it with something better? Let me know in the comments!

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