The Jaffa Cake and Cheese Snack Offensive

Here’s another culinary offensive scraped from the bowels (bowls?) of Reddit. This time it’s been turned into a “news” story over at indy100.

A man’s unique food combination has sparked a debate online after he shared a photo of the unusual comfort food on a popular Reddit forum.

Actual photo of the offending food (source: Reddit)

Behold my post-gig creation,” he wrote, alongside the questionable culinary creation of a Jaffa cake topped with a slice of cheddar cheese. He later described it as tasting “not too bad,” comparing it to “cheese and fruit cake, but with a slightly citrusy aftertaste and a lot less stodgy.”

The bizarre post sent Redditors into a spiral – and we’re not surprised.

One offended user immediately turned to the comments saying they “rang the police,” before a second jumped in and said: “This is a job for the food police, not the f***ing police.”

What can I say, except obviously no one was really offended by this and if they were, well, it just means that they have way too much time on their hands. They really should get off Reddit and get a life. Or maybe get a job with the food police.

Also, is this really news worthy?

What do you think? Does the thought of Jaffa cake topped with a slice of cheese offend your culinary sensibilities? Which is worse? The cake or using Reddit posts as “news”? Let me know in the comments!

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