The Musical Knob Offensive

You may want to cover your ears for this next story. And your eyes. And maybe your mouth. It’s a doozy straight from the pages of none other than the Daily Mail.

Channel 4 has faced a furious backlash after a transgender comedian stripped completely naked on live television before playing a keyboard with her penis.

The move – now being labelled as ‘misogynistic’, ‘offensive‘ and spurring complaints to Ofcom – was streamed live on the channel’s revival of Friday Night Live.

Singer Jordan Gray was concluding an expletive-filled song about her experiences as a trans woman when she performed the controversial stunt.

Among those to tweet their criticism was author Helen Joyce who branded the moment ‘a sex crime committed on camera. While idiots whoop and cheer.’

Another said: ‘Was so looking forward to watching Friday Night Live, a highlight as a teenager. Always a hit and miss show, but this is the first time I actually felt insulted by an act… as a woman. Vile and misogynistic song spat out at woman.’

Ignoring the fact that this human that goes by the name of Jordan Gray went out of his/her/their way to offend everyone and their mother by whacking the keyboard with their Johnson, not everyone took offense to that part of the act.

‘The misogyny performed by Jordan Gray and condoned by Channel 4 is horrible’, another individual added. 

‘It takes a lot to offend me. This managed it. I couldn’t care less about him getting his kn*b out, it’s the words I’m complaining about.

I would like to file my own complaint, if I may. Why don’t we use the term “knob” instead of penis? It sounds so much better than say, schlong or willie or Johnson or whackadoodle (what, you don’t call it that?). The British always have better slang than us and it’s just not fair.

Like “wanker”. That’s another one we really need to incorporate more into our vernacular.

They also apparently have more offensive television programming than we do, which I didn’t think was possible. Of course I haven’t watched television in over a decade, so I wouldn’t really know.

Now I’m definitely not going to watch because Americans are always copying British “telly” so it won’t be long before some wanker gets their schlong, I mean knob, out on American Idol or something.

Who wants to see that?

Not me.

Do you?

What do you think? Was this whackadoodle’s stunt offensive? Let me know in the comments!

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