The Neighbours See Red Offensive

This morning’s offensive comes to us from the quaint little village of, well, somewhere in Canada. The article from Metro doesn’t specify where (actually it does, I just missed it the first time) which is probably a good thing because this couple has riled enough of the locals up with their offending behavior. The last thing they need is the rest of us coming after them with pitchforks!

What is the offense, exactly?

Couple offend neighbours by painting their house bright yellow

The grinning couple are very happy with their striking home but others not so much (Picture: SWNS)

It may look like a house from the hit CBeebies show Balamory – but this is anything but.

It is, in fact, a real house, with a real couple, in a real village, who clearly love the colour yellow.

Ann Marie Beacock, 70, and husband Leighton, 68, decided to paint their house a striking shade to inject a bit of colour and life into their ‘beige’ village in Dilke, Canada.

But the couple ignited fury from other villagers, who’ve hit out at what they say is an ‘unsightly’ colour.

You’ll have to click over to see the before photos and to read the unsavory things that the offended neighbours have said to them, but as you can see from the photo, it’s pretty darned offensive.

To those with no sense of taste!

I think it’s quite lovely and I say sod the neighbours (do they say that in Canada?). I’d put a sign up in the yard telling them all to get fooked. Or however they pronounce it up there.

Actually, they should paint the house rainbow colors and sit back to see if anyone complains. Then, if they do, they can have them arrested for violating their sovereign right to be an “ally”.

What about you? Are you offended by yellow houses? If so, are you mad (that means insane down here in the states)? Serious question (not really). Let me know in the comments!

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