The Book of Mormon Offensive

This morning we’ll start the day with a cup of hot, caffeinated coffee and a review of the hilariously offensive The Book of Mormon the musical, which is still playing to audiences around the world after a decade or so.

You’ll have to click over to TeeSideLive for the full review, but here’s a portion of it:

Review: The Book of Mormon – ‘hilarious, catchy and not for the easily offended’

An unlikely duo of Elders Kevin Price (Robert Colvin) – “the smartest, best, most deserving Elder the centre has ever seen” and the awkward Arnold Cunningham (Conner Peirson) are thrown together as they are sent to Uganda – a far cry from where Elder Price had hoped to spend the next two years. While Cunningham, who has a ‘little’ problem with is imagination, is a self-confessed follower who idolises Price, it’s quickly apparent that his companion see’s himself as God’s gift.

The pair arrive in Uganda with the hope of sharing the good word. But instead they find the residents sharing their catchy and relatable motto, Hasa Diga Eebowai. “Does it mean no worries for the rest of our days?” asks Cunningham. “Kind of!” The script isn’t one to shy away from references to the Lion King and the audience is treated to snippets from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, the Sound of Music – and even appearances for ‘Hitler’ and Jeffrey Dahmer.

From famine and drought to AIDS and war, whenever something bad happens these ‘villagers’ simply say, “f*** you, God”.

I’ll stop there because surely by now you’ve seen or at least heard about TBOMTM. It’s definitely one of the funniest musicals I’ve ever seen.

What struck me, however, wasn’t the review itself but the comment section. These comments in particular:

Blueberrytwo has a point there. I can’t imagine any woke snowflakes, even Gen Z ones, actually being offended by TBOMTH!

Still, I’m sure at least one Mormon was offended by it, which was kind of the point, I think. If so, well done! It serves them right for ignoring my many NO SOLICITING signs.

What do you think? Is TBOMTM the funniest musical you’ve ever seen? Let me know in the comments!

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