The Sushi Taco Offensive

An underrated offense in the world of gastronomy is cultural appropriation of traditional dishes. It doesn’t get near as much coverage as, say, high schoolers wearing all black to a football game. Obviously there should be laws against this and offenders need to be punished by public execution.

Not the highschoolers, the chefs. Although I’m sure there are those who would like to see both groups dispatched for their crimes.

Today’s culinary offense comes to us from Mexico Daily Post.

“It offends me, but you know what you’re doing”; Japanese chef reacts to Mexican sushi

Japanese chef reacts to Mexican sushi and recognizes the difficulty of creating this food with so many traditional ingredients.

  • Mexico holds the number seven place as one of the countries with the best cuisines worldwide.
  • Tourism contributes just over 4 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  • The tourism sector related to gastronomy offers just over 4 million direct jobs.

Around the gastronomic world, countries like Italy, Mexico, and Japan are among the most recognized, so much so that they occupy the first places in popularity for their representative dishes, with tacos, pizza, and sushi being worthy references of each of the nations. although on many occasions the traditional process is not respected and several “nationalized” versions are created, as pointed out by a Japanese chef who has reacted to “Mexican sushi”.

You’ll have to click over to see the full story, but the point is, these sorts of crimes should not go unpunished. We as a society need to come down hard on these offenders. If we don’t, before you know it, the Polish will be eating pizza, the Canadians will be feasting on spaghetti and tacos will be the national dish of Japan!

We just can’t let this happen.

If we do, then “they” win. I think you know who “they” are.

What do you think? Should Mexican sushi be counted as high crimes and treason? Let me know in the comments!

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