The Sexy Nurse Offensive

It’s Halloween, which is hands-down the holiday that offends people the most. Invariably someone, somewhere will get all worked up over something Halloween related, whether it’s a murdered baby butcher shop window display or a Karen themed decoration or, in this case, a costume.

Yep, a costume.

Not just any old costume. Today’s offensive is all about those sexy nurse costumes.

From the CBC in Canada:

A new social media campaign is asking customers not to buy into the sexy nurse costume and stereotype, saying it hurts the perception of the widely female-dominated profession.

The campaign was launched by Quebec’s professional order of nurses (known by its French acronym, the OIIQ). In a video posted online Monday, the order asks Halloween revellers to consider dressing up as a real nurse — complete with scrubs and a mask.

“Nurses take care of everyone,” the video says, “so let’s take care of their image.”

Luc Mathieu, the president of the OIIQ, said they’re using Halloween as an occasion to talk about how nurses are often depicted in popular culture.

“Sexualizing nurse uniforms perpetuates sexist and degrading stereotypes and fantasies about nurses’ profession and expertise,” Mathieu told CBC. 

I have to stop here to say a few things. One, have you been to the doctor lately? I have and I can honestly say there wasn’t a sexy nurse in sight. Maybe this whole dressing up as one could work the other way around and motivate some of them to care about their health. Seriously, most of them I encountered were morbidly obese and wore scrubs that looked like they’d been through the apocalypse.

Two, if we’re going to apply this logic then we can’t have sexy maid, vampire or serial killer costumes, either. We wouldn’t want to perpetuate the idea that these professions get the public all hot and bothered. 🙄

The article finishes up with this:

Giselle Wilson, a nurse at the Royal Victoria Hospital, agreed that nurses need to be seen as professionals, especially coming out of the pandemic.

But she said she’s thinking more about institutional problems, especially after the provincial election, where health care often took a backseat to other issues.

“If you want to dress as a nurse — whether it’s a sexy nurse, or an actual, in scrubs nurse … we don’t need to be offended by it,” she said. “I personally am not.”

“Halloween isn’t serious. It’s a fun event. It’s meant for people to enjoy themselves.”

Thank you, Giselle. Now please tell me you weren’t one of the nurses doing TikTok dancing videos during the pandemic, otherwise you’ve totally negated your positive input on the issue here. And offended everyone’s sensibilities in the process.

Seriously. What the hell was with all the dancing nurses during the pandemic?!

What do you think? Should sexy nurse costumes be replaced by stain laden, XXL scrubs and awkward TikTok dancing? Let me know in the comments!

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