The Dinnae be THAT Guy Offensive

Because offending (and being offended) knows no national boundaries, and in the hopes of getting hits to my blog from every corner of the world, I’ll be shamelessly and purposefully exposing the offenses of different countries from around the globe.

Today we have an offensive of the Gaelic kind; the “Don’t be THAT guy” campaign from Scotland.

Be a mate, don’t be THAT GUY

Men are being challenged to be a mate, to step in and put a stop to behaviour that might put their friends at risk of sexual offending.

Last year, Police Scotland’s viral THAT GUY campaign challenged men’s attitudes and behaviour towards women. It put the cause of sexual offending where it belongs – with men.

This year’s campaign, launched today, urges men to be the solution to preventing sexual offending by having those difficult conversations with a friend who may have crossed the line.

In case you’re Scottish and you are having a hard time understanding the above text since it’s in English, I took the liberty of translating it for ye.

Men ur bein’ challenged tae be a pal, tae step in ‘n’ pat a stoap tae behaviour that micht pat thair mukkers at risk o’ sexual offending.

Last year, polis scotland’s viral THAT GUY campaign challenged men’s attitudes ‘n’ behaviour towards wummin. It pat th’ cause o’ sexual offending whaur it belongs – wi’ men.

This year’s campaign, launched th’day, urges men tae be th’ solution tae preventing sexual offending by huvin they pernicketie conversations wi’ a mukker wha kin hae crossed th’ line.

Or, the TLDR version: Stoap goupin’ at mah maw ‘n’ keep yer hauns aff mah sister ye fookin’ pervert!!!

In case you’re wondering how I learned to speak fluent Scottish, you can thank Limmy for that. 😉

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