The Mind Your Nose Gap Offensive

It was only a matter of time before the narcissists on TikTok found a new thing to hyperfixate on and it’s been right under their nose this entire time! They’ve just been too busy hyperfixated on their other body parts to notice.

Thankfully the self obsessed are kept in check over there by the perpetually offended, so it all evens out. From Distractify:

Beauty standards are inherently messy and complex, which is why so many TikTok users have been offended by the nose gap trend. These users argue that there’s no reason to make people feel insecure about their nose gaps, which are a normal feature of human anatomy. What’s more, when you land on a narrow standard of beauty, that standard inherently comes weighted with plenty of cultural baggage.

Now you’re probably wondering to yourself what the hell a nose gap is, and I would tell you but what if you’re a narcissist? I don’t want to be responsible for causing you to become hyperfixated on it so let’s just rest assured that, like other TikTok trends, this one will die out and be replaced by something even more ridiculous and meaningless for you to worry about.

Like the space between your big toe and the one next to it. Or the length of your uvula. Or the number of eyeball veins you have.

The possibilities are endless!

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