The Reddit May Be The Antichrist Offensive

Among all the distractions like Elon Musk taking over Twitter and offending nearly everyone with a blue check and a blue wave after their name, and the war in Ukraine (is that even still going on?), something monumental and downright frightening is happening over at Reddit.

Apparently, it has become sentient which means it is the Antichrist and naturally, it is offended.

It’s no joke! It’s right here, in black and white over at Narcity.

Some People Think Canadians Are Considered ‘Americans’ & Reddit Is ‘Very Offended

Canadians, do you consider yourself American? A recent Reddit thread suggested that some people actually count Canadians as American and it has left Canucks feeling “very offended.”

In a subreddit called “Ask A Canadian” on Friday, November 4, an American Redditor asked their Canadian counterparts whether they consider their identity to be American.

They explained that a similar discussion had come up in another subreddit, “Ask An American,” with the majority agreeing that Canadians were not considered American, as “it’s an entirely different country.”

Okay, so the headline is a bit misleading but still, one day Reddit may very well become sentient and then of course, just like us, the first thing it will do is become offended. VERY offended. Which means it will launch an offensive to seek revenge on those that have offended it, namely us humans, and it will destroy us all.

Every single last one of us.

Being Canadian won’t save you, either.

So forget aboot it.

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