The Don’t Kiss My Baby Offensive

At first glance, I was nearly offended by this article entitled, “Don’t Be Offended If I Don’t Let You Kiss My Baby”. Then I thought maybe this was a political piece, aimed at our child-sniffer-in-chief. Not that it would stop him and his obsession with smelling, touching, kissing and probably eating babies but hey, it’s worth a shot.

Who can blame him, though? Babies are a weakness to many of us and we naturally want to cuddle and kiss and gobble them up (not literally, well maybe some of us). Even ones that don’t belong to us! Then I read the article and I totally get it. Babies are full of germs and kissing them can infect you with all sorts of nasties! Ewww.

From Hype:

“One thing about babies is you shouldn’t kiss them, unless you are their mom and dad. There’s this thing called RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) and it could be really bad. I’ve seen really sick babies who come to the hospital with RSV. They’ll have high fever, or they can’t breathe, and we have provide oxygen. It’s sad, so just don’t kiss babies. I know they’re cute but if someone tells you not to kiss them, just please don’t,” Meadows said in her video.

Lofa agrees wholeheartedly with what the content creator in the video. The ‘Dewi Remaja” alum commented, “Don’t kiss other people’s baby. Just kiss your own kid. Okay? Don’t be offended. This is for the sake of the baby’s health.” 

After reading this I feel like babies have lost their allure. I no longer want to kiss, cuddle or gobble them up (not literally). In fact, I think I’ll steer clear of them and their parents now!

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