The Kiss My A** Offensive

Man, I must be getting old because when I saw this headline, my mind automatically went back to 1985 and I was trying to think of which KISS poster this guy had up that would offend his friend’s wife. Was it before or after they took off their makeup? 🤔

Then I thought maybe it was just the fact that he still had a KISS poster up that offended her because maybe she is from Gen Z and likes Justin Bieber or something.

Then I thought maybe it wasn’t even from 1985 but a recent poster, which would definitely be offensive! A bunch of old geezers dressed up in spandex and demonic face paint strutting around with their wrinkly, sagging chests sticking out and their nasty, long, old man tongues hanging out while holding their guitars and microphones trying to look all seductive?

Eww! That would probably offend me, to be honest.

Then I actually read part of the story and felt like an idiot because it wasn’t about KISS after all. Silly me.

From Newsweek:

Man Bashed for Asking Friend To Move Picture of Kiss That Offends His Wife

A man is being bashed for asking his friend to move a picture of his wedding kiss because it upsets his wife.

The man, u/Throw55257765, shared his side of the story to the popular Reddit forum r/AmITheA******. He earned 17,500 upvotes and 7,600 comments for his post, “[Am I the A**hole] for asking my friend to move a picture of him and his wife because it made my wife uncomfortable?”

And that’s as far as I got because, yet again, a “news” source is scraping Reddit for stories and frankly, I couldn’t be less interested.

Also, for the record, no, you’re not the asshole. Get new friends and kick these ones to the curb, even if it offends the wife. Especially if it offends the wife! She’s the asshole here.

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