The Mermaids Are Mad Offensive

Maybe I’ve gotten the wrong impression of them but aren’t mermaids supposed to be nice? I guess this divisive political environment we find ourselves in has affected even them and now it seems they are going after the rainbow people like hungry, vengeful sharks.

From the Daily Mail:

Transgender charity Mermaids’ bid to strip gay rights group LGB Alliance of its charitable status is ‘deeply offensive‘ and ‘profoundly homophobic’, tribunal hears

The attempt by trans charity Mermaids to have a gay charity struck off is ‘profoundly homophobic’, a tribunal has heard.

Mermaids has launched legal action arguing that the LGB Alliance should be stripped of its charitable status, alleging the organisation is merely a front for transphobia and political campaigning to prevent changes on gender self-identification in the law.

The two charities fundamentally disagree on issues of trans rights, with the LGB Alliance taking the view that people cannot change their biological sex while Mermaids argue they can.

It is believed to be the first time a charity has ever challenged the registration of another charity. 

Representing the LGB Alliance, Karon Monaghan, KC, claimed that Mermaids’ action was ‘profoundly homophobic’ and ‘deeply offensive‘, adding: ‘It is again the love that cannot speak its name.’

What the hell does “It is again the love that cannot speak its name” even mean? Is that some sort of code?

Anyway, since I don’t have a dog in this fight I am remaining neutral but I will say it’s pretty sad to see all these nice, loving, tolerant, body positive, tolerant, kind, rainbow loving, tolerant folks cannibalizing each other.

It is such a shame, really.

Well, maybe ‘sad’ isn’t the right word here. Interesting? Entertaining? Predictable?

Eh, I’m still working on it, but in the meantime I’m staying out of the water with all those mad mermaids swimming around out there. I wouldn’t want them to come after me!

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