The Tiny Cohort Offensive

No, this isn’t another Jewish post and it’s not about short people, either. It’s about that tiny cohort of the perpetually offended among us that for some reason are driving another small cohort to virtue signal in order to appease them, even though nothing really appeases them for long. They just move on to the next thing to be offended over. 🙄

It’s driving the rest of us mad. But there is hope!

From Sky News:

Sky News host Chris Kenny says the reason governments and bureaucracies “won’t use terms like ‘pregnant women’ or ‘mothers’” is because they “worry about offending a tiny cohort of the population”.

“An activist cohort kicking up a storm,” he said.

“So instead they insult women, they torture the language and no doubt, confuse our kids.

“The trouble is that these so-called elites are driven by political fashion, by virtue-signalling and by desperately hoping that they can avoid some social media backlash over this or that from some radical activist group representing a particular group of people or pronouns.”

The good news is if you click the link and watch the video, you’ll see that even though it makes them squirm, TPTB still have to admit that only women can get pregnant. It’s good to see that politicians are forcing them to face reality.

It just shows that many of us have reached our maximum bullshit allowance and are speaking out loudly against this. Others are doing it more quietly. For instance, when I went to Pexels to find a free stock photo for this post and typed in “pregnant man” the above picture came up. I’m pretty sure he’s not preggo. He’s just pleasantly plump.

I couldn’t find one that showed an actual pregnant man. Because they don’t exist.

But you already know that.

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