The Chocolate Orange Offensive

Of all the things to get offended about, and then apologize over, this one takes the cake! Or chocolate. Chocolate orange, to be precise.


A celebrity from New Zealand has posted an apology to the UK after she filmed herself biting into a Terry’s chocolate orange – rather than going by segments.

The influencer and mental health activist from Auckland Jazz Thornton took to TikTok to post a video of herself trying some confectionery and foodstuffs from the UK, which included Terry’s chocolate orange and Yorkshire Tea amongst many others.

The original video showed her revealing the “Terry’s orange chocolate” and then inspecting the chocolate orange and all of its segments before taking a bite instead of the traditional whack-on-a-table method.

After taking a bite some of the segments come away and Jazz largely unsuccessful in eating the orange.

An army of British TikTokers swarmed on the video explaining how that her method of eating the chocolate orange was completely wrong – with some taking offence in jest.

One commented: “Someone taking a full bite of a Terry’s chocolate orange is one of the most cursed things,” while another said “YOU DID NOT JUST BITE A CHOCOLATE ORANGE,” with one person adding “I’m more offended she’s said Terry’s orange chocolate. No it’s a Terrys chocolate orange!!!”

What followed a day later was a groveling apology video addressed to the “entirety of the UK” for doing something “very offensive” but claimed she didn’t know that this would cause so much upset and uproar.

Whew. I’m glad that it said this was all in jest. Imagine getting all worked up over a chocolate orange or even an orange chocolate for that matter! I mean Russia just hit Poland with a missile so I think the world may have bigger things to worry about, don’t you?

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