The Very Expensive Restaurant Offensive

There’s nothing less appetizing as a narcissistic food critic. Except one whose articles bitching about how offended they are that some of us aren’t in a bread line and can still afford to eat out at quality places are behind a paywall.

From The Times:

Expensive restaurants are still opening all the time. I’m a bit offended

The thing is, very expensive new restaurants are still opening all the time. They haven’t stopped just because I’ve come out and said I will only be reviewing places where you can get in and out for 40 quid a head including wine. I’m a bit offended, I must say. I thought I was more influential.

But I guess some people can afford to spend a lot more on their lunches and dinners out, and there is nothing remotely wrong or evil about doing so, or about providing the means for people so to do. I just think it would be a bit tin-eared of me to keep piping the virtues of such places at a time like this, when all the money you used

Ironically, the article cut off mid-sentence because, as I said, it’s behind a paywall and I’m not a paid subscriber. Not because I can’t afford it, I’m just a cheapskate who would rather spend my money at an expensive restaurant.

No offense, Giles, but I’m on my way to the Four Seasons right now and could use the extra cash to tip my waiter.

Have fun at KFC!

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